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AC & Heating

Your vehicle’s heating and cooling system removes heat from the engine to keep it running at a proper temperature. In the cooling system, belts drive the water pump, circulating coolant throughout the system. Of course, in colder weather the warmed coolant is channeled through a heater core to heat the vehicle’s interior and defrost the windshield. Heating and cooling systems are easy to take for granted, until something goes wrong. Here are a few tips.

Service and Maintenance

Maintain proper coolant levels and check level monthly. Never attempt to remove a radiator cap while the engine is hot. Serious injury could result. If the coolant level is low, add a mixture of coolant and water according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Inspect engine belts for signs of wear, cracks, shredding, etc. Check radiator, radiator cap and hoses for signs of leakage and wear.

Signs of Wear

Indication of hoses leaking, cracking, splitting, hardening, brittleness or lack of hot air from heater and defroster.

Service Menu

E & G provides inspection, maintenance and repair to all of these heating and cooling system components:

  • A/C Service & Repair
  • Climate Control System
  • Diagnosis & Testing
  • Electric Fans
  • Fan Clutches
  • Hoses & Lines
  • Head Gaskets
  • Master Cylinder
  • Heater Cores
  • Heater Control Valves
  • Hoses & Belts
  • Radiators
  • Thermostats
  • Transmission Coolers
  • Water Pumps
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