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Tires & Alignment

Choosing tires for your vehicle is a serious decision. Tires can affect how your vehicle feels, how it handles, the way your vehicle brakes, the feel of your suspension, and even your fuel economy. We provide inspection, maintenance and repair to all tire and wheel components. Poor tire maintenance can be costly or dangerous, leading to premature tire wear or a tire blowout. You can visually inspect your tires on a monthly basis to prevent such problems. Here are a few steps you can take.


There are a few tire maintenance tasks that should typically be performed by a professional and on a regular basis. Tire rotation changes the orientation of the tires. This should be done about every 6,000 miles in order to ensure even wear. Wheel balancing limits the vibration of the tire and wheels and thus minimize wear and extend the life of the tire. Wheel alignment ensures proper steering and minimizes tire wear. Wheels should be aligned about every 12,000 miles. Check air pressure monthly when the tires are cold. Checking hot tires can result in higher pressure ratings.

Signs of Wear

Too much air pressure (over inflation) and only the tire’s middle section touches the road and creates uneven wear. Too little air pressure (under inflation) and only the tire’s sides touch the road and create uneven wear on both the edges of the tire. Erratic tread wear may mean the wheel is out of balance or that shock absorbers need to be replaced. Tread wear only on one edge of the tire usually occurs when wheels are out of alignment.


We provide inspection, maintenance and repair for all of these tire and wheel components:

  • Alignment (2 & 4 wheel)
  • COOPER Tires
  • Tire Protection Plans
  • Rotation
  • Alloy Wheel Service
  • Computerized Balancing
  • Rim Installation
  • Tire Repair
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